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Augusta Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchens are one of our main services we do, and we always have gotten outstanding reviews. Trust the Augusta kitchen remodeling services with turning your dream kitchen into a reality. Aside from general design we have specialties in many areas such as:

Countertops/Tables:  It may be time to improve or replace those counter tops as they have been worn down from cooking and eating on them all these years.  We can improve tables and counters any way possible.  We have tons of marble and granite to select from that we can install very quickly.  This can be done all around the kitchen to make it fit very nicely.

Cabinets: We can update or paint your cabinets to make them look as good as new.  Or if you prefer we could install new cabinets with several designs and colors that would complement your kitchen style very well. Our home remodeling service can redesign your kitchen any way you’d like.

Flooring: Your kitchen floor has probably been banged up and used a little bit.  That is why we are here to help.  We can install different types of hardwood or tile.  There are so many different options you can choose from and we will not stop and help you as much as we can until you are satisfied with what you want.

Lighting and Walls:  We can design walls and fix lighting to make it look as you want.  We will be able to complement everything together nicely and make it look like a top-notch kitchen.

complete kitchen renovation

Kitchen remodeling services in Augusta, GA:

  • Kitchen countertop installation – Nothing changes the look of a kitchen like putting in an island with a nice granite countertop. Not a fan of granite? Marble, slate, quartz, Formica, butcher block, anything you’d like.
  • Appliance updates – Add the new stove and heating elements, install restaurant-style hood vents and an exhaust system for cooking, replace the old refrigerator with the latest and greatest fridge/freezer combination.
  • Kitchen cabinet remodels – Sick of the old cabinet styles or colors? Update it to something new. Our kitchen remodelers can handle cabinet installation, repainting, refacing, and more.
Call Augusta’s premier kitchen renovation company for a free quote at (706) 471-2422.